The Intihuatana Stone: The Hitching Post of the Gods. There are many theories about the function of this object, but most say that it was part of Machu Picchu's function as an astronomical observatory. It's aligned with the sun on the spring and fall equinoxes.



Alpacas in the ruins



Wild lavender?



An ancient bridge, part of the Incan trail.




The Temple of the Condor. This was created from the natural rock formation resembling the wings of a bird. A condor's head and neck are carved on the floor. It may have been used as a sacrificial altar. There's a mummy in a cave under the floor, and a prison complex behind it.


The condor's head

Tom says that this peak is climbable


Terraces and caretaker's hut


A palace for priests or royalty. The windows were aligned to the summer and winter solstices.



Living quarters

The quarry