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Sue and Jerry joined Lynne and John Skidmore for an Icelandic adventure. These are just a few of the pix, since we're running out of space on the website. To see more , click here.



We got Jerry up on an Icelandic horse. God forbid you should call them ponies! The locals informed us that these are small, sturdy HORSES, which are turned loose in the harsh Icelandic winters to fend for themselves. Jerry went off with the fast group. Sue's horse made an executive decision and followed the slow group.

The Blue Lagoon. It was considered de rigueur to slather one's face with silica salts from vats ringing the lagoon. Ah, that youthful glow!

There were those who thought that the waterfall was intended as a back massage. Sue found it to be dandy for hair-washing.


Reykjavik Cathedral (Hallgrimskirkja). Construction started in 1940 and wasn't done until 1974, when the cathedral finally opened. We rode up to the top for some fantastic views of the city.

This is a view of Perlan (the Pearl). It sits atop the City's main geothermal complex. In addition to a fancy restaurant and more good views, the Saga Museum is there.

Jerry at the Saga Museum


Releasing our inner Vikings


We had almost perfect weather while we were there. We took advantage of that to go out on a whale-watching tour. When we got back, we went out to dinner at a restaurant where they were serving whale. We walked out.


The Golden Circle tour included Ůingvellir, site of the world's first parliament.

Gullfoss, a big waterfall


Geysir, after which all of the world's geysers are named. Before it erupts, a large blue bubble pulsates up and down.


Keriđ, a collapsed volcanic crater. The singer Bj÷rk was the first to hold a concert here, on a platform in the middle of the lake. The acoustics are said to be superb.

We stopped at Eden, a complex of greenhouses. It was part of an entire village built over geothermal hot springs.


We rented a car. Sue drove it to the "Center of the Earth" (SnŠfellsnes).



A random glacier on the way to ■ˇrsm÷rk (Thor's Woodland).

We reached the top of a hill



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