October 2007      

Part of the big get-together

for Tom's 50th birthday!


Coming up:


November 3, Rick Steves Travel Festival, Edmonds.

November 9-10, Dads' Weekend at WSU




September 2007      

Tom emceed at Pups in the Park,

a fundraiser for a new offleash dog park.


A visit with the prodigal, in Seattle for the Coug game.

Isn't Photoshop great?!



August 2007      

Val and Sarah at the

Long Beach Kite Festival.

No, it wasn't that cold!


What else to do with a tween?

Take her to the Renaissaince Faire!

Although maybe it would have been

better on a less rainy day...



July 2007      

DeeKay and Sandi

at the Dog-A-Thon

We're not totally sure why Tom brought this dry ice concoction to the Proctor farmers market. But it was kind of funny.



A historic event:

The grand opening of the 2nd Narrows Bridge.

Here, Sue cuts the ribbon.


Visiting the bloodmobile at

Tacoma's Ethnic Fest.



4th of July at Lake Oswego:

Ashley and Dan get into the ... spirit.

The Tacoma Rainiers:

Minor league baseball on a warm summer night.

Everyone must use peanuts as jewelry!



June 2007      

A special art/music installation,

courtesy of Stewart


Kathy's birthday featured another

Stewart production -- a birdhouse.

Perhaps the birds will think

they've ingested hallucinogens...



Sue and Jerry went to

Click on the Iceland logo to see pix from the trip!!

Grand opening of the Chambers Bay golf course.

Not that we golf, but it's a big deal around here.

And elsewhere, apparently.



May 2007      

A self-guided tour of Lakewold Gardens.

Ahhh, spring!



John and Lynne recovering from the garden tour before moving on to the next adventure. The Powerhouse is a fun place to refresh!


Cinco de Mayo -

Mellina and LaVonne finally have a partay!


Joshua and Mike                                                                 Phoenix




5/5/07: The grand opening of the Soundview Trail

at the Chambers Creek Properties.

Sue, Buddy, and Tom joined in the 5K Hound to Sound Walk as the golfers salivated at the prospect of the new "Scottish links" course



April 2007      

The annual Spring rhododendron and flower show

in University Place.

We didn't buy this plant because it was expected to reach 50 feet in height.


     A pyramid of rhodies


Bob's 80th birthday.

Good thing he likes ginger cookies.

Bob is spending a month in India at the Woodstock School in Mussoorie, in the foothills of the Himalayas. He went to high school there, and he's returning to work on a special program for a month.

Woodstock School

     Moms' Weekend at WSU.

     Study hard, Baby Boy!

Washington State University - World Class Face to Face




March 2007      


The fuchsia-planting event at the local garden center

Sue and her dad, Jerry, at Mt Bachelor, Oregon

March 24, 2007



St. Patrick's day party, March 17.

Guess it was fun.


3/3/07: Reunion from the Scandinavia tour

What would Rick Steves think?!



February 2007      

2/17/07: The weather out at the beach was not ideal.

Some dogs like the water.

Buddy does not.

The surf perch catch was bountiful.



Let's go clamming!

Washingtonians, in search of "free" protein, head for the ocean beaches.

While the rest of us bundled up in hip waders, heavy coats, and even full wetsuits, this guy headed to the beach (in near-freezing weather) with bare feet.


What's going on over at the Chambers Bay properties? Click here to check out the golf course, which is supposed to open this summer. Click here to check out the rest of the project.


The SUNdogs group is hoping to get an off-leash dog park somewhere on the 900+ acre property. We encourage interested folks to attend the Pierce County Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 5 pm at the Environmental Services Building, 9850  64th St. West in University Place (around the curve at 64th and Grandview Drive).


Go walk your dog - at the Lakewood off leash dog park, 8714 - 87th Avenue SW (across the street from Western State Hospital).

For information on POP (Protect Our Pets), click here. For a website listing other area off leash parks, click here.  


It's my birthday party!

I'm old! (or so I've been led to believe)

Tom - party on.




We saw this sight on our way to the Super Bowl party. It looked like something you'd see in the aftermath of a hurricane. We wondered what had happened.

A man drove up and told us that this was the result of a hit-and-run accident. Apparently, the boat landed in his yard after caroming across the street and knocking down a telephone pole. We said we'd send him the pictures for insurance purposes...



The usual fab food layout for the Super Bowl party

As usual, Sandi was the big winner of the "squares."

How DOES she do it???




January 2007


Snow! In Tacoma! Are you kidding me?!

We got really tired of it by the second week...

Meanwhile, up in Carnation...



Sue skiing at Crystal Mountain, 1/25/07

Group photo "up top" at Crystal


Hi, Carole!!!!

Where's the other box o' wine?




Rat Terriers


Mini Coopers