Well, actually it's not all that technical. The Scandinavia pages were the entirety of the original website. The rest of the site was added later.

The camera was Jerry's Canon Powershot SD550 (which stood in for Sue's old camera, lost or stolen at the Stockholm airport on Day 1). Sue's new camera is a Canon Powershot A710IS, which has image stabilization. We'll see if the pictures look any better on the next go-round. If you want to know about f-stops and apertures, you're on your own. We are a little clueless about that.

The website was designed by Sue, after taking a couple of intro classes at the local community college in November 2006. The web design program is Front Page. Dreamweaver might have been nice, but that class wasn't offered until Spring.

The pictures were edited using Photoshop Elements 5.0. (Thanks, instructor Cheryl Barnett!).

The site is hosted by Net-Venture.

Although Sue loves odd and unusual fonts, we went with good old Arial for the website font. It's easy to read, and won't do something funky when other people look at it on their computers. The captions at the top are a font called Cry Uncial (Cry Uncial). If you can adjust the font size on your computer, it is suggested that you use a medium-size font view. The pages just seem to look better when the font isn't too teeny-tiny to read. Although that's more of a personal preference sort of thing, perhaps influenced by the fact that our eyes aren't seeing any better as we get older. 

We could have put moving things on the pages, but we hate that kind of stuff. So we didn't.

The background of the pages (except for a couple) is a shot of mosaic tiles in the Golden Room at Stockholm City Hall. The background of this page and of the first page is a shot of clouds at Sognefjell, the highest pass in Norway. The background of the title at the top of the pages is a shot of the side of a Viking ship.

The boot: Jerry's orthopedic boot is Model #051799M. He wears it to support his ankle, which has had a couple of reconstructive surgeries. Ankle replacements are still somewhat experimental, unlike hips and knees.

If Sue's current career doesn't work out, maybe there's a future that involves her true love (playing around with photos). Not all of her photo albums are on the website; there are dozens of scrapbooks lining the living room at her house. She has created photo albums with family pictures going back to the 1800s. Can you say "obsessed"?

Why isn't Sue's last name on this website? She has the kind of job where people might try to track her down and, well, do bad things. Working for the government, she has found that there are some extremely dissatisfied customers. Thankfully, they are in the minority. Mostly, they understand that Sue can't solve all of their problems for them. On the whole, she loves her job. She must, or she wouldn't keep doing it for the pittance that she is paid. In any event, she has chosen not to make it any easier for people to find her through her website. References to "I" in the website mostly relate to Sue. She finds it really weird to write about herself in the third person, but that seemed to be the way that worked best to tell the story of the trip.

If you feel the need to send us an e-mail, the address is suebuddytom@msn.com.