The small map gives a general idea of where we went. Rick Steves' Scandinavia tours used to go to Finland, but apparently the boat ride to Helsinki was too long to make it feasible. We covered a lot of ground, nevertheless.      

Dave was really good about pointing us in the right direction

when we went wandering off by ourselves...

Here's a little more detail, below. To really get a good look, we had to unfold the giant map that we all got with our tour packets. It was fun to lay it out on a bed and then gather around, pointing to spots that caught our interest. It's too big to put on a web page, though.

(I tried, believe me!)


We were interested to learn that Stockholm is a city of islands and canals.


Copenhagen had lots of canals, also.


The cruise (a watery map):

Oslo had its share of waterways, as well.