Time to put on our walking shoes again - and our raingear, as a few sprinkles interrupted our sunshine. Kalmar is an exceptionally pretty town, with almost more than its share of history. You can't really get a sense of all the history without walking around in it. Seeing pictures in a book (or on a web page) just doesn't do it.

Jerry kept up with everyone else, clomping his way along. Nobody believed that he was 76 years old. Or young. Maybe 76 really IS the new 50...


Kalmar seal


The walk was a lead-up to the main attraction, Kalmar Castle.

We could see the castle in the distance, beckoning us onward.


A model of the castle showed what it was like before a few "modern" renovations undertaken by King Gustav and his sons in the 1500s.

We had another excellent tour guide (I forget her name; maybe next time, I'll write that sort of thing down).

After the castle tour, there was a better-than-average gift shop. We spent some time browsing before we headed back to the trusty bus. Dave and Mathieu kept it well-stocked with a variety of beverages for thirsty travelers.

Text Box: Dave and Mathieu always found the best rest stops - and the best rest stop snacks

It was a beautiful day for a drive over the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. If this thing isn't on the list of the new 7 wonders of the world, it should be.




The group arrived in Copenhagen (København) in time to stroll around a bit. On our way to dinner, we ran into Hans Christian Andersen. He regaled us with tales of his life and of the area. Serendipity? We didn't care if it was or not; we were enthralled.



Evening found us at a historic restaurant, Det Lille Apotek, where Andersen and other notables were said to have dined. The specialty of the house was "stone beef," which consisted of meat and accompaniments which we seared on a hot lava rock. Some people contended that this was work, and suggested that the restaurant should be doing the cooking. The rest of us dug in to our succulent (and perfectly cooked) feast.



We can't take Jerry anywhere...