The Rick Steves tours seem to attract a congenial type of traveler. Everyone had a sense of adventure. We liked how they embraced the tenets of the "through the back door" philosophy in different ways.

One nice aspect was that the tours are non-smoking. This was not, however, a prudish group. Many of us enjoyed what became sort of a tradition on this trip: An evening "cocktail" hour, which mainly entailed sharing adult beverages and other treasures we had found in town or at the duty-free shop. It was fun to chat and get to know our fellow travelers.

This was as delightful a group of people as one could hope to travel with. We hope we see them again someday.

Left to Right: Carla, Becky, Bill, Sandy, Jerry, Frank, Anne, Janet, John, Phil, Carol, Rollie, Mary, Alan, Tony, Jerry, Joan, Brenda, Sue, Grant, Sue, Farrell, Charlene, Keith, and Dawn.


Leader of the Merry Band,

Dave Fox


Carla and Becky, Oregon


Brenda, Grant, and Farrell, Washington


Janet and Jerry, Virginia


Phil and Carol, Oregon


Sue and Jerry, Washington/Oregon


Intrepid bus driver,



Bob, Oregon


Sandy and Bill, Massachusetts


Tony, Oregon


John,  California


Charlene, Oregon


Good luck mascot,



Sue and Alan, Oregon


Anne and Frank, Florida


Rollie and Mary, Oregon


Joan, Oregon


Dawn and Keith, Idaho