Thistle House, the bed and breakfast where we stayed on the edge of Loch Fyne. It didn't look like much outside, but it was very comfy inside.

View from our room


Restored looms at the weaving museum in Paisley


Edinburgh Castle



Another B&B where we stayed, Tigh-An-Loan in Aberfeldy.

The ceiling was pretty low!

A baby owl that didn't want to stay out of the middle of the road. We kept trying to move it to the side, but it just ran right back into the road.


Bridge over the River Spey                  

(a famous fishing river)                    

A nut tree

A sheep that narrowly escaped being hit by our car


The Falls of Dochart                 

Some Scottish cows

                               Hey, that's pointy!


Some smoked fish                 

Tour of a distillery


Walking around the Clava Cairns                     

An unknown castle. That's Tom next to the car at left, pretending that he lives here.


                             The city of Inverness


A view near Loch Ness

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