Sue had really enjoyed her visit to Holland in 1976. This time, in 1991, she brought Tom along.


We rented bikes, which is a great way to visit this country. It's really flat, so even the sort-of-out-of-shape can enjoy the ride. It seemed like there were more bikes than cars


First view of Amsterdam.

We stayed at the Hotel Flipper.

We don't know why it was called that.


This is what was next to our door at the hotel.

Again, a mystery.


We took a "Yellow Bike" tour. The tour guide really knew his way around Amsterdam.



The tops of the buildings were 1500s status symbols, depending on what they were made of.


The Stopen, a combination of opera house and state house

This device measured the mean sea level


Archway in old city wall. Carriages were taxed based on which opening they could (or couldn't) fit through.

A visit to the wooden shoe factory


The obligatory visit to a windmill          

A famous pancake restaurant


One of Amsterdam's many canals        

The Harbormaster's house in the

quaint town of Marken


Marken Harbor