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The impetus to take family vacations with our friends spread to other countries. We went to Mexico with the Flynns (Anne, Mike, Molly, and Maggie).


Club Med was great because it provided activities for everyone. The children could go to the Kids Club all day, and they did. They had a fantastic time without their parents. They even had their own restaurant. As for the grownups, let's just say that it was a long time before we drank mescal again...


View from our room                         

Tom and Molly took windsurfing lessons



Everybody tried their hand at archery.

The guys especially liked this sport.

It may have had something to do with

the instructor: Monica.

Mike won the archery event in the guest

Olympics. He owed it all to Monica.


Tom shows off his juggling prowess      

Casey, returning from his snorkeling lesson


        The kids say, "Let's put on a show!"



Casey was the lead "singer"


The Circus Show!                  



The trapeze


At Club Med, guests are called "GMs"

(gentle members, in French).

At Ixtapa, the GMs put on a show.


Sue, in the GM Show

                     Mike does the Full Monty


Tom, Anne, and Casey went deep sea fishing     

The girls checked out horse-

back riding on the beach