We took the train into England. We stayed in London, but took day trips out to other places.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle - the Round Tower

Carriages. Note the sign, which says "No Pictures!"


Next we stopped at the city of Bath. This is Sally Lunn's house - the oldest house in Bath, and home of the famous "Bath Buns."

This looked like a nice place to have a picnic, but we didn't (because they were charging an exorbitant admission price)


Allegedly, the waters of Bath had curative properties. Sue checked out these claims (but spat out the water after this photo was taken - this stuff tastes awful!)

There was a roof over the Roman baths in ancient times. Allegedly, that eliminated the algae problem that the waters suffer today.


Bridge over the River Avon                      

Street musician

                Bath church


More of a labyrinth than a maze....

We drove south to Dover. This is the harbour.


Dover Castle                        

An old cannon

This is the lower half of an ancient Roman lighthouse. It used to be twice as tall.


Wildflowers in the crevices                    

White cliffs of Dover

        World War II relics from Dover Castle


An organ grinder (but no monkey)

        A raven - at least three feet tall!


Miniature yachts at Hyde Park (or maybe it was Kensington Gardens...)