Once again, wanderlust struck. Son Casey had been off to college for a couple of years, so the nest was empty. We thought back: When was our last big trip? Well, not counting Tom's amazing excursion to South America earlier in 2005 (since Sue hadn't been on that one).


Let's see.... Must've been Australia in 1997. But how to choose where to go next? We hadn't been to all of the English-speaking countries of the world, so we thought we might continue in that vein. And when our niece Ashley announced that she and her friend Kim were planning a trip to Amsterdam and Ireland, we decided that it would be fun to join them for part of their trip. Our son Casey, disappointed that he couldn't go to Oktoberfest in Germany that year, joined the girls on their tour of A'dam and Dublin. The old folks wandered up and down Ireland's western coast. These are our pictures from that trip. We had a blast!

The cast of characters included Sue, Tom, niece Ashley.


Below is Ashley's friend Kim and our son Casey.

We're so proud.

In this album, "we" usually refers to Sue and Tom. "I" refers to Sue.    

Yes, I know green and shamrocks are clichés.

Guess I don't have enough imagination to come up with

something more innovative, yet still Irish. So, deal with it.


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